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About us

It all started with a dream to grow organic and healthy fruits and berries for our children. We produced pastila as vitamins for winter. Now we grow certificated organic raspberries by European standards on two hectares of land.

We sell fresh and frozen berries, raspberry puree, and we also make pastila from it.
From the idea of growing organic products, we came to the understanding that permaculture planting is the most efficient way of using the land.

As we are located in an ecologically clean area of Poltava region in the village of Opishnia, we are going to create a forest garden instead of raspberry patch, which will produce a variety of fruits, berries, nuts and will be a home for fauna.
Quality certificates
Everything that happens in our company is under the control of the organic products inspection.
Therefore, our raspberries, sugar and honey have high quality and value certification.
Quality certificates
Quality certificates
Quality certificates
”Finished product”